The Candidate whos cutting ties!

Vote for Doober! US Congress California District 8

The Platform


Statesman for the People

As your elected representative it will be my duty and privilege to bring the issues that matter the most to YOU to the Hill!

As a Non-Partisan candidate you can count on me to be the voice of the constituency and not a tool of any political party. 

I am not a politician, nor do I want to be. I would like instead to be a transparent and available advocate for this great and unique district.


No PAC Money or Large Donors Allowed!

As an American I find it reprehensible the amount of BIG money in the political world, on both sides of the house most Incumbents as well as potential Candidates take the bulk of their contributions from these sources. 

Our Incumbent Congressman received only 1% of contributions in the last election cycle from average constituents and 99% from large donors or PAC's

I vow to take NO contribution greater than $250 from any single source - STOP CORPORATE CAMPAIGNING


Get Involved, Be Counted

We can't win this race without your help. Almost every Candidate for the House spend upwards of $1,000,000 campaigning for Congress. Volunteering, reposting, word-of-mouth, and sensible donations are effective ways of helping the campaign while keeping big money out of things. Especially as a grassroots campaign with no major party backing or Corporate Sponsors!

We will need volunteers for Voter Registration Drives and other Campaign related activities planned in the upcoming months, please contact us to find out what you can do to help in your neighborhood. 


Your donation is an opportunity to be part of something bigger. Show your candidate that you have their back. Give today!

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Get involved!